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Company Profile

TRISHLA STEEL CENTRE was established in the year 1985. We started with manufacturing Vatis with brand name ‘Bijal’. We came a long way since then and are now manufacturing the whole range of Kitchenware Utensils. We always believed that the quality and the market leadership are synonyms and hence ‘Bijal’ is among the few goods brands available in the market today.

We believe that responsibility and distribution of work are a key to efficient working and hence we have a person for each job and a job for each person in our organization.

Around 80 people work for us to bring our organization success and prosperity.


BIJAL PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL Kitchenware is manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure that our products give you unmatched service for the whole lifetime. Our quality assurance starts right from the raw material and is closely monitored at every stage of processing to adhere to the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

BIJAL PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL is made from a special grade of steel 14/4 steel with low carbon content sourced from Stainless Steel India Limited one of the premier steel manufacturer. The incoming raw material is tested for its composition and consistency before its processed further. Bijal’s special 14/4 Steel ensures that the products made from it will never tear or rust or discolor for its entire lifetime under normal usage conditions. Hence, all BIJAL PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL Kitchenware products are guaranteed for life against material or manufacturing defects.

We have a Product Range of around 67 Products available in various sizes totaling to around 390 items.

Our factory is situated in around 10,000 Sq.Ft. of area with a production capacity of 800 tones per annum.


Our Deep Drawing Products are made from 14/4 and Flat items from 14/1 composition of Stainless Steel.

The importance of each element :

Nickel :

Nickel makes the steel malleable thus ensuring that the steel does not crack or tear when subject to stress especially in deep drawing. Higher percentage means that the product will not tear or crack on continuous use.

Nickel is an expensive mineral. Hence, in order to be a price competitive a majority of the manufacturers use raw materials with nickel percentage of merely 0.09% to 1.0%. Hence the higher incidence of products tearing or cracking on use resulting in the loss of customer in stainless steel products.

Chromium :

Chromium is a finishing agent due to which the shine of stainless steel is retained for a long period.

Carbon :

Carbon increases the hardness of steel. Higher the Carbon, harder the steel and greater the chances of the product tearing or cracking especially in deep drawn products.

Majority of the Products available in the markets are made from J4 and J7 quality which exposes them to corrosion and breakages. Utensils made from these quality are cheap, but not reliable.

Salem if sourced from SAIL is supposed to be the best in the market, but is very costly and not affordable to all. Original SAIL Steel is scarcely available in the market due to its pricing.

Bijal’s 14/4 quality has an edge over both. Quality wise, it is next to Salem and it has greater affordability. BIJAL PREMIUM STEEL with a life time guarantee is available at around 30% to 40% cheaper than Salem or SAIL Steel.


With a Sales force of about 12 peoples, we are Planning to distribute our products all over India. We are expanding our markets, taking one at a time with a vision to reach its core in the next 3 years.

Our modus operandi for distributing products are :

1) Assigning consignee agents in form of distributors in a given region.

2) Appointing Sales Staff in that area recruited by the company and reporting to the company.

3) Giving market support to the dealers through schemes and various promotion campaigns.

Our motive is to establish the Bijal brand as a fore front runner thereby multiplying its turnover figures.


&Quot;Our Objective is to win customers through innovation and performance. We believe in enhancing value through Quality management and reasonable pricing thus giving our customers optimum value for their hard earned money.&Quot;

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