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Company Profile

Safety Plus, is a trader of all kinds of Industrial Safety Vision and Office Shoppe. In present economic scenario of security and safety the most important solution to put our clients happy and relax is given by our company safety (Plus) vision & Office Shop. We are manufacturing and trading in materials like safety items, gift items. We have a reputation in market and we are supplying the material to all manufacturing companies whose workers work in hazard environment. Our company's aim is to create safe environment by giving them security items like helmets, gloves, Face Masks, Disposable Suits, Fire Retardant Daggari, Fire Proof Suits, S S Related Items, Gift Items, T-Shirts, Caps, Safety Helmets, Cones, Reflective Jackets, Lobby Boards, Variety of Flower Vases, Foot Mats, Shoes, Electrical and Steel Tubes, etc. Our aim is to give quality material to our customers.

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