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Company Profile

Initiated as a cottage industry, Essons Chemicals has been elevated to the platform of small scale industry in a span of four decades. With an enviable track record, Essons Chemicals’ clientele is adorned by renowned corporate houses of the city and are associated with namely contractors. With an in-house research centre, we are able to conduct the required tests and give each product the required grade and development. Registered with the S.S.I & N.S.S.I, we have a major hold on the South Indian market and look forward to expanding our products & services abroad.

Down the lane

Furniture making and its use has been realized by man since the ages, probably the idea was carved when one of the beings sat on a wooden stump and derived the pleasure of comfort from it, no matter what, the idea of generating furniture for daily use was generated. Travelling down the lane, today wooden furniture is not only a source of comfort and rest but a perfect science of blending design, elegance, material & skill. Use and display of furniture in modern homes is a token of prestige today. That’s exactly why there is a massive availability of different types of wood in the market. When your search for that right kind of furniture ends, the search for the right kind of polish starts. Because your valuable furniture needs to be preserved in that new looks form forever. As a matter of fact, you have spent a fortune in buying your furniture and the same kind of interest and drive will be generated in maintaining its aesthetic value. Thus it is required from you to exhibit similar interest in sourcing out the right kind of polish

Who we are...

If you are a connoisseur of fine furniture & French polish the quality and make of our furniture polish is sure to enthrall you.

We are Essons Chemicals. With a finely furnished reputation of over four decades Essons Chemicals is a firmly established name in the city of Bangalore - India, when it comes to furniture & French polish.

We are poised to provide the best of French polish, Thinner, Paint Remover & Wood Coating under the label ‘CAT BRAND’.

Why French polish?


It is still hard or perhaps impossible to beat the natural beauty of a French Polished piece. A gloss nearly as high as nitrocellulose lacquer can be obtained with a more natural, less plastic look. The depth and character of a French Polished work is unsurpassed. Expertly polished work appears as if you can see each individual cell of the wood.

Thin Build:

A very glossy finish can be obtained with a relatively thin build of finish.


With reasonable care, a French Polished finish will last and look beautiful for a very long time. French polish ages and darkens gracefully, unlike the cracking and yellowing of into lacquer, for example. A properly prepared place piece will become an heirloom for generations to come.

Ease of Repair:

Cat Shellac polish is one of the easiest finishes to revive. An old finish, unless seriously damaged can be revived by spurting off or by the addition of more French polish.


Cat Shellac Polish finishes is made very hard and durable and resistant to elements that supposedly ruin them.

Which Polish is Which (Know the needful)

The Technique is Called French Polishing but the polishes used have different names & different application.

French polish:

French polish is brown, it is known as brown polish & it is used on any type of wood.

White Polish:

White polish is made of bleached shellac & it is milky white. It used for light Timbers.

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