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In 16 months, since it's inception in January 2002, Chisel has breathed it's sprit of “Choose Life” into the city of Bangalore. The spirit that goes beyond building perfectly sculptured bodies. The spirit that speaks of living life to the fullest at work and play, every single day.

And the same has found a large audience in the city's elites, be it prominent businessmen, senior IT executives, DJ's, Models, Students and more. It's such a joy to see the same spirit, in every member at Chisel, when they sweat for hours and go back to life with a smile of content on their face.

And Chisel is continuously updating it's facility, programs and techniques, to give to Bangalore a world class health & Fitness facility, which currently comprises of cardiotheatre, Gymnasium, steam, Yoga, physiotherapy, Diet consulting & Tease – the health bar. The life fitness equipment and cutting edge infrastructure at the facioity, is the best in world, in the sprit of Bangalore being on the global map for more reasons that just it being a information technology technology hub.

The Aerobics center of chisel which has an exclusive tie-up with Reebok, The programs are the outcome of studies on injuries due to lack of fitness in Terms of endurance, Strength &Flexibility and work/ leisure lifestyle of people. Bringing together the combines capability and expertise of Chisel and Reebok, we have raised the bar of aerobics taught here, to international levels and optimized it for Indian bodies.

In January 2002, Chisel started with a spacious 8,500 sq.ft. Facility, and late i the year added another 3000 sq.ft. For a dedicated cardiotheatre. First of it's kind in India, the cardiotheatre is special in many ways, multi-colored and automatically adjusting lighting that creates a de-stressing effect while you work-out, world's most preferred Life Fitness equipment from the U.S. & Cycles with LCD monitors to either catch up on you favourite TV shows or surf the Internet.

Dr.Shardul and Satya sinha say, We believe tha health and fitness management is an essential responsibility for oneself, and at the same time it's as much fun & De-stressing. Chisel is our way to share this belief with everyone.

The cheerful ambiance at Chisel with vibrant colors, Contemporary materials and thoughtful lighting, adds to the freshness attitude towards health. Medfit consultants, the parent company of CHISEL, also extends its expertise in health and fitness to blue-chip organizations in south India including, Infosys, Wipro GE Medical Systems, GE Bell, Intel & GE ITC and more.

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